Indianola Immigrant Database.

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Indianola Immigrant Database.

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Indianola Immigrant Database.
The database is searchable and is a wonderful research tool.

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The port of Indianola was founded in August 1846 by Sam Addsion White and William M. Cook. During the period between 1844 and 1886 , Indianola grew from a plague-infested immigrant camp to a cosmopolitan port city. Two major hurricanes dealt serious and fatal results and after the second one in August 1886, the survivors left the port and moved inland and Indianola became a ghost town.

The birth of Indianola was the direct result of calamitous difficulties encountered by early immigrants from Germany who were brought to the shores of the Republic of Texas. In 1844 a stretch of beach was selected by Carl, Prince of Solms Braunfels as the landing place for German immigrants bound for western Texas. Since there were fewer rivers to cross going west, Indianola proved to be a favored point of landing for the Germans who were headed for the Texas "Hill Country". It was also favored by the US government sending supplies to its forts in West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and adventurers headed overland to the West and California.

Most historical accounts relate that there were thousands of people who immigrated through this port but there were NEVER any official passenger lists for the Port of Indianola.

Since 1820 the immigration laws stated that the ship's manifest (passenger lists) were turned over to the port officials at the port where the ship FIRST made port. For the immigrants coming to Indianola, this was usually New Orleans or Galveston. It could even have been a port on the East coast, such as New York. The passengers were then placed on smaller vessels to complete the final stage of their long journey. The smaller vessels were necessary since the bay leading in to Indianola was too shallow for the larger sailing vessels.


Der Hafen von Indianola

Der Hafen von Indianola wurde von Sam Addsion White und William M. Cook im August 1846 gegründet.
(Nach glaubwürdigeren Berichten gegründet als 'Indian Point' im August 1846 von Sam Addision White ...)

Er war der bevorzugte Landeplatz für deutsche Einwanderer nach Texas, eingerichtet vom Grafen
Solms–Braunfels und dann gefördert von der US–Regierung, die diese deutschen Einwanderer sogleich
zum Hügelland von Texas, zu den Militärstützpunkten von West Texas, Neu Mexico und Arizona verbrachte.
Abenteurer gelangten bis nach Kalifornien.

Obwohl historisch belegt ist, daß tausende Einwanderer über diesen Hafen einwanderten, existieren
doch keinerlei Passagierlisten vom Hafen von Indianola. Diese wurden nach 1820 jenen Hafenbehörden
übergeben, in denen die Einwandererschiffe zuerst landeten. Das waren meist New Orleans oder
Galveston. Es könnte auch New York gewesen sein, von wo Passagiere auf kleineren Schiffen,
die für die enge Einfahrt nach Indianola besser geeignet waren, ihre lange Reise fortsetzten.

Diese Übersetzung besorgte dankenswerterweise (DS), mein Namensvetter Dieter Sommerfeld.

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